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Himalayan Salt Whipped Body Scrub

If you have been looking for a body scrub recipe that is very thick, creamy, luscious, very exfoliating, and moisturizing at the same time, then you’ve come to the right place. I know that many of you have issues with whipped scrubs in the summer because they have a tendency to deflate and lose their fabulous fluffiness. Another problem that I’ve seen makers running into is that sugar or salt dissolves with time, and the scrubs are not so exfoliating anymore. The whole point of scrubs is to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, make the skin smooth and silky, so we have to find a solution to keep our body polish scrubby and heat-stable for as long as possible.

My trick is to add more exfoliants, including soluble and insoluble exfoliating particles, and add a hard butter instead of liquid oil. Why? Let me explain.

  • Insoluble exfoliators won’t dissolve and lose their scrubbiness with time.
  • Adding more exfoliants will make your product thicker and less prone to deflating.
  • Hard butter improves the texture and stability of your scrub while providing the final product with excellent moisturizing and softening properties.

As far as the foaming bath whip base goes you can buy one or make it yourself from scratch. Here’s the recipe I use for mine.

I decided to use a combo of sea salt, coarse and fine Himalayan pink salt as my soluble exfoliants, and poppy seeds, jojoba beads as my insoluble particles. Feel free to use other exfoliants like sugar, pumice, kiwi seeds, blueberry seeds, etc. You can read more about formulating foaming scrubs in this post.

It’s important to understand that you really can NOT pipe this kind of scrub, it’s way too thick. I like to scoop it with an icecream scoop or a regular spoon. If you like a thinner product you can play around with the formulations in a few ways:

  • reduce the number of exfoliants
  • substitute some of the cocoa butter with a liquid oil
  • add more glycerin

I am in love with the texture of this scrub, and I wouldn’t change a thing! It’s perfect for feet, and I think it would perform excellently for someone who works in a garden a lot. Also, a little bit of this scrub goes a long way. It creates a creamy lather and rinses off beautifully, leaving my skin soft and smooth.

Himalayan Salt Whipped Body Scrub (500g)

2.00% Cocoa Butter – 10g
2.00% Brandied Pear Fragrance Oil (or any fragrance oil of your choice) – 10g

34.00% Salt – 170g
1.00% Kaolin Clay – 5g
10.00% Himalayan Salt Coarse – 50g
10.00% Himalayan Salt Fine – 50g
1.00% Jojoba Beads (RED) – 5g
1.00% Poppy Seeds – 5g

1.00% Euxyl PE 9010 (preservative) – 5g
4.00% Glycerin – 20g


1. In a mixing bowl, weigh your foaming bath whip base.
2. In a separate container, weigh all of your exfoliants and kaolin clay.
3. Weigh cocoa butter and melt it in a double boiler.
4. Start whipping your foaming bath whip base. Once the foaming bath whip becomes creamier and softer, add cocoa butter and fragrance oil.
5. Slowly add your exfoliants and continue whipping.
6. Add preservative and glycerine and whip for a few more minutes. For a thinner and softer scrub, add more glycerine.
7. Package and enjoy!

I also have a Patreon account where I share even more recipes and formulation tips, so if you’re interested in learning how to formulate and make your homemade skincare and support Daisy’s Beauty Jewels, you should check it out.

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