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Easy Micellar Water Formula: Three Ways

I’ve made quite a few cleansing products over the years, such as cleansing balms, cleansing sticks, cream cleansers, gel cleansers, cleansing oils, etc. However, the area of micellar water stayed undiscovered by me until I stumbled upon a video by The Institute of Personal Care Science where their creator showed how to make micellar water. It looked very simple, but I didn’t have the solubilizer she used in the video. Hence, I substituted it for Polysorbate 20 as it’s way cheaper, more available, and it does a great job of gently removing makeup without stripping the skin.

I made a couple of self-preserving glycerine extracts a few weeks ago, and introducing them into my formulations is so much fun! I did thorough research before diving into the unknown area of stable, homemade herbal and floral extracts. The method provided by Belinda Carley looked the most appealing to me not only because of its simplicity but also because of the self-preserving method. You can watch her video here. All you need is some herbs or flowers ground to powder, distilled water, and glycerine. I made calendula, chamomile, neem, rosehip, and turmeric extracts following the method.

That being said, you can substitute the extracts I use in my formula for any glycerine-based extract. You can make them yourself or buy from multiple suppliers online, such as Lotioncrafter, Making Cosmetics, Formulator Sample Shop, etc.

The base of the micellar water I am going to be making today is distilled water and hydrosols. You can easily substitute any hydrosol I use for the one you have on hand, or, alternatively, you could add more water.

Let’s take a look at the basic formula for micellar water.


69.5% Distilled water
20% Hydrosol
3% Glycerine
2% Extract (glycerine based)
0.5 Liquid Germall Plus (preservative)

Now, when you have a basic formula on hand, you can start playing around with adding ingredients that would work well for your skin. Again, I highly recommend using Spreadsheets to formulate and scale up your recipes. You can download it from my blog for free, by the way. I’ve also created a free database on Airtaible to help me stay organized with my ingredients. I share it with you for free Using Airtbale to Track Your Supplies.

I am giving you 3 more variations of the basic micellar water formula, so you understand just how easy it is to formulate and make your cleansing and makeup removing products.

Rose &Strawberry Micellar Water

Distilled water 71.50%
Rose Hydrosol 10.00%
Strawberry Hydrosol 10.00%
Rosehip Glycerine Extract 3.00%
Liquid Germall Plus 0.50%
Polysorbate 20 5.00%

Rosmary &neem Micellar Water

Distilled water 61.50%
Rosemary hydrosol 20.00%
Apple Hydrosol 10.00%
Neem Glycerin Extract 3.00%
Liquid Germall Plus 0.50%
Polysorbate 20 5.00%

Calendula &Turmeric Micellar Water

Distilled water 71.50%
Lemon Hydrosol 10.00%
Calendula Hydrosol 10.00%
Turmeric Glycerin Extract 3.00%
Liquid Germall Plus 0.50%
Polysorbate 20 5.00%

  1. Weigh your water-soluble ingredients in a glass beakera nd stir to combine.
  2. Very slowly add Polysorbate 20 and stir vigorously.
  3. Pour micellar water into a snap top or spray bottle and label.
  4. Enjoy!

I also have a Patreon account where I share even more recipes and formulation tips, so if you’re interested in learning how to formulate and make your homemade skincare and support Daisy’s Beauty Jewels, you should check it out.

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