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Shampoo bars have been a hit for a few years already, and let’s be honest, they deserve all the applause and praise, if not for their cuteness, then for eco-friendliness and super-duper bubbles/lather. It’s no wonder so many creators are on the wild quest to find the ingredients and handy molds to make shampoo blocks for personal use or for their business.

If you’re one of them you’ll find this Basic Ingredient List extremely helpful.

  • SCI – Sodium cocoyl isethionate or SCS Sodium coco sulfate or SLSA (you can use one or all of them in a shampoo bar)
  • Liquid surfactants – Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • active ingredients (Honeyquat, Keratin, etc)
  • thickener/cationic emulsifier (BTMS50, BTMS25, Cetyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol)
  • oil/butter for extra luxury
  • preservative
  • fragrance oil or essential oil
  • micas (for color)


  • scales
  • spatula
  • gloves
  • bowl or measuring glass
  • mold

Of course, you can make more elaborate shampoo bars but if you’re a beginner that list will do.

You can find shampoo bar recipes on this blog! Have fun.


  1. Nice to have you back! Hope u r doing ok. I love these as does hubby. They are messy and hard work on my arms as I use a 3D press but worth it.

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    1. Me too! I am trying to find shampoo bar ingredients here in Germany, and when I will, there will be more shampoo bar goodies. I also make very gentle bars for my baby and toddlers.


    1. Hi! Unfortunately, not yet😢. There is a pourable shampoo bar recipe on Etsy, though. It has excellent reviews, so you can look it up. Pourable shampoo bars tend to have a high amount of fatty alcohols, butters etc. So it is not necessarily bad, but people with oily hair might not enjoy this kind of product.


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