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Shampoo bars have been a hit for a few years already, and let's be honest, they deserve all the applause and praise, if not for their cuteness, then for eco-friendliness and super-duper bubbles/lather. It's no wonder so many creators are on the wild quest to find the ingredients and handy molds to make shampoo blocks… Continue reading SHAMPOO BARS: BASIC INGREDIENTS SHOPPING LIST

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Gentle Lavender Shampoo Bar (Hand Pressed)

Shampoo bars are so awesome! Not only they are a super-concentrated version of liquid shampoos they also reduce plastic usage, fit in every purse, and usually last way longer than traditional shampoos. I started making shampoo bars about three years ago. And let me tell you, figuring out the right amount of liquid/solid surfactants to… Continue reading Gentle Lavender Shampoo Bar (Hand Pressed)

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Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair Type. Basic Recipe

I want to share my go-to shampoo bar formula which can be tweaked to suit any hair type. I love this formula! It makes a very hard, long-lasting shampoo bar, which produces a crazy amount of thick, dense foam and fluffy bubbles. INGREDIENTS 200g Batch%INGREDIENTS132,466,20%SCI Noodles4824,00%SCS Powder84,00%Cocamidopropyl Betaine321.5%1%Sodium LactateGlycerine (mix with Euxyl PE9010)0,60,30%50% Citric Acid… Continue reading Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair Type. Basic Recipe