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I have written a book lately and published it on Amazon. It took me a lot of time and courage to do that. I wanted to share ideas for making simple, organic, cheap bath bombs or bath fizzies so you do not have to buy them at a store and pay so much money for it. You can easily make them at come with your kids:) Moreover, you can all the ingredients at your local store.

The Simple Guide to Making Bath Bombs book contains more than 30 creative and easy-to-make bath bomb recipes for soothing, relaxing, and stress reduction. This book also includes organic bath bomb recipes for kids and basic information about the main ingredients, tips, and ideas for packaging and storage. Learn how to make these amazing DIY bath bombs, and you will never have to buy a bath bomb in a store!

Here is a link!

I hope this book is going to make your life easier and healthier!!!